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on September 28, 2011

I am finding more and more that I love to write, just about
more than anything else that I do. With all of our experiences,
I could keep some people entertained for quite a while. Not
only entertained, I could also keep you on your toes, listening
to our stories of “God Encounters and divine appointments”
that have been answers to many prayers over the years. I
think I’ll just start. It won’t be in any particular order.

Let me see… For those of you are not familiar with life in a
wheelchair, things can get awfully confusing sometimes.

Did you ever stop and think that everything is backwards to the
other person? For instance, Pat and I already had different
ways of thinking with his front of something being my back of
something. Now, you add to that what I see as left is his right.

This was often a strain on any attempt to do a project together.
I remember putting together a simple toy. It was one of those
standing triangular chalkboards. We are both kind of also
as stubborn as a mule at  times. We have both learned to give
a lot, so now we can do projects together pretty easily. But
putting things together for us just wasn’t doable. It would
always start out fun and end in an argument.

Eventually, what God did with his two lovebirds is teach them
how to work together. No, Pat couldn’t do it! As bad as he
wanted to he just couldn’t do things manually. And as much
as I wanted to figure things out myself I just couldn’t figure
out how to make those pegs match. We needed each other’s

So, after many years of arguing over projects and then
avoiding projects, we learned a simple yet life changing
lesson. Pat would be the brains, read the instructions and I
would be his hands. TADA! It worked. We have fixed broken wheelchairs, repaired a dryer, been plumbers, and countless
other things TOGETHER.

We even put toys together with patience, kindness and love.
There that is the first story from our “Broken” life together. I
still most always adjust the top of something though when he
says it’s at the bottom. 🙂 From:

My Heavenly Treasures

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