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Is It Really That Important?

on February 8, 2013

*Is It Really That Important? * Day 2: I understand that a large majority of this country is actually doing business on the internet or connecting in some way to make a living. I am one of those people. So, I completely understand and to make things even more interesting, for my family, we will soon have 3 computers. 2 desktop and 1 laptop. I never thought we would be able to say that. In my family we have 3, if not 4 very active people on computers so we have no trouble understanding each other and our needs concerning computers. For instance, I have been connecting all day with one of my three Face Book pages and now I must feed my family so I have to cut this short. So, my question today is this: Is It Really That Important that I give you more material to read at the sake of my family going hungry? answer> No..See you tomorrow. 
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