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Is It Really That Important?

on February 9, 2013

*Is It Really That Important?* Day 3
As I sit here pondering what direction this is headed today, I am reviewing the past week. I have to say each day I did networking for hours on end. Many people would say that’s a waste of time, others would advise me to get a real job. I truly understand others feeling that way and hold nothing against them. But there is value in connecting with other Independent Consultants, small business owners and coaches, etc.

We are living in a new era, whether we want to admit it or not it is upon us~ We sit in front of computers, we text, we play games, we use face book, most if not all own one of these contraptions that use the internet. For my online business friends it is at least one of our means of income. I would be safe to say, not many of us even take time out for games. We are busy either handcrafting, adding value to someone’s life through a blog, selling for an awesome company, teaching others, etc. What we are doing is building relationships, for good reasons. The Lord has provided this as a means for people in our situation and others for other reasons to be able to work from home. So now as I see where this was headed tonight, that sitting at the computer for literally hours, Is It Really That Important? At least this particular week I really think it was 🙂 from:
  ~ My Heavenly Treasures ~


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