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Unhealthy Pride

on February 26, 2013

“Resist pride the way God resists the proud”~ plm 

I once had a huge pride issue, mainly because I was multi talented and didn’t know how to handle it. Years ago I was really struggling with this aspect of my life. In prayer the Lord gave me that phrase and it set me free!! 🙂 
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7 responses to “Unhealthy Pride

  1. It is really amazing when we can find ourselves, isn’t it? I’m glad you did it!

  2. Denny Hagel says:

    Powerful sentiment! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I relate to being talented. I have always been one to excell at many things…anything i set myself to really..especially anything ina the creative realm…pride is easy to fall into…and we are intimidating to boot…not intentionally just because we can be overwhelming…it makes me think of a time when i was desperate for help…I was just so in the weeds with everythigoing on but no one wanted to help..they all thought I had it crying on a friends shoulder she reminded me that I presented myself as so capbale that no one thought they could help…much has been learned…

    • iloveprayer says:

      It’s a life of living and learning! I am glad your friend was there for you! If I feel myself being tempted I go back to that phrase it always pulls me back, God gives grace to the humble. When I recognize God’s greatness and am reminded that He gave me the gifts to be used for Him and others it’s all about Him. I am just a vessel 🙂

  4. Lorii Abela says:

    Your words are very compelling and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this quote.

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